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WoW TBC Classic Update: New Races, Jewelcrafting, and More!


Since June 2nd, the whole world can now play the new WoW TBC Classic. The release introduced a lot of new content like dungeons, raids, races, zones, and even rebalancing. Some of the most legendary raids include Karazhan, Black Temple, and Sunwell Plateau.

Dark Portal Pass

Players can now buy the Dark Portal Pass for $39.99 which brings in many bonuses. Its purchase automatically boosts one character to level 58. This works only once per account.

Some other bonuses include increasing the Riding skill to "Apprentice" and providing a rare quality mount for your character's race. You will also get a green equipment set of the 58th level, 4 runecloth bags (56 slots all together), gold, and access to unique flight points.

It is also possible to buy the Dark Portal Pass Deluxe for $69.99. All boosts from the regular pass are included, although you get some additional treats as well. You will get two mounts and toys, character boosts, and 30 days of access to the game.

New Playable Races

WoW TBC Classic also introduces two new playable races. These are the Blood Elves who serve the horde and the Draenei, serving the Alliance. Both have unique starting points.

The Dark Portal Pass does not upgrade these two races, so you might have a hard time leveling up. Our World of Warcraft Boost services will help you skip the pain. If you plan to upgrade the new races yourself, stock items on other characters. You'll need all sorts of gear, raw materials, and others.

New Profession: Jewelcrafting

The new Jewelcrafting profession lets players engage in new gameplay features. You can craft rings, trinkets, and necklaces.

The best part is that Jewelcrafters can cut gems for gear with sockets. Unlike regular gems, these provide even bigger boosts. Note that you will benefit the most when combining Jewelcrafting with Mining because you'll need many ores.

Honor System Changes

Additionally, the honor system was changed. Players get honor points from PvP battles and can spend them like a currency for rewards. They do not decay over time.

The rewards are:

  1. Weapons;
  2. Armor;
  3. Various items.

The major changes applied to PvP rankings. No ranking system is connected with honor points. If you still want to compete with ranks, then you'll have to battle in the Arena.

Other Changes

Apart from the new profession and races, there also are many other changes that make WoW TBC Classic a new experience.

Now you can create Paladins and Shamans for the Horde and Alliance respectively. All classes got changes covering old and adding new talents.

Leveling up will also get somewhat easier. Getting a new level from 20 to 60 will require much less experience. At the same time, all quests from level 30 to 60 provide more experience as a reward. All this will help players spend less time on upgrading, although they can still use our WoW TBC boost services.

Finally, elite quests got easier to pass while dungeons now provide better loot. One of the locations, Dustwallow Marsh, got several additional quests.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how cool the new WoW TBC Classic release is, it's time to go and try out all the features in the game. For the best gaming experience, you can boost your new characters with our services. Try it out now!