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Sentinels are the champions of the 150,000$ prize pool Valorant tournament NA.


Valorant tournament Masters stage 1

The first North American Valorant tournament 2021 (1st qualifier for the Valorant Champions Tour: 2021) ended up on 21 March with Sentinels winning versus Faze Clan, the winners earned 60,000$ and 100 points for VCT: 2021.

100 Thieves (winners of "First Strike") Hiko, nitr0, and others didn't perform at the expected level this time and took 5th place.

North America standings:

  • 1. Sentinels
  • 2. Faze Clan
  • 3. Gen.G Esports
  • 4. Envy
  • 5. 100 Thieves
  • 6. Luminosity
  • 7. XSET
  • 8. Immortals

All regions' 1st place results:

NA: Sentinels

EU: Acend

CIS: Gambit Esports

Turkey: Futbolist

Korea: Vision Strikers

Japan: Crazy Raccoon

SEA: X10 Esports

Congratulation to all the teams who made it to the finals!

The tournament was held online and regional, however in the future, with an improvement in the epidemiological situation, Riot games are planning to make Valorant Masters to the international level.

Who is the best Valorant team?

Sentinels is the best team in NA region, they won every team on "Masters stage 1" with stunning success.

We want to mark huge plays made by babybay from Faze Clan. His team were underdogs and were able to go through the tourney with crushing scores and lost only 2 times versus Sentinels.

When is the next Valorant tournament?

The second Valorant tournament (Masters Stage 2, part of VCT: 2021), scheduled for May 24-30, will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

10 teams from different regions will arrive and compete for points and money prize pool, which we expect to be over 150.000$. Reykjavik tournament, unfortunately, will be played without offline spectators.

Finally, we will be able to compare the play-styles and strengths of all regions.

Reykjavik Valorant tournament bracket:

10 Teams from regional qualifiers [Stage 2 Challengers]:

  • NA 2 teams
  • EMEA 2 teams
  • Brazil 2 teams
  • Korea 1 teams
  • Japan 1 team
  • SEA 1 team
  • LATAM 1 team

Are NA Valorant teams better than EU Valorant teams?

North American region seems to be more stacked with well-known teams (Faze Clan, Team Envy, 100t, TSM, etc.) and they won't share qualifying slots with any other regions for the upcoming tournament, so we expect it to be stronger in total, but some European teams can compete for the same placement as top-level NA teams. EU teams will be fighting for qualification slots against Turkey and CIS region to compete in Masters Stage 2.

There are some players we would like to pay attention to and Rank them up from others for outstanding performance

Top 3 NA Best players (Valorant Masters Stage 1) :

  • 1. TenZ
  • 2. babybay
  • 3. Sick

Top 2 EU Best players (Valorant Masters Stage 1):

  • 1. cNed
  • 2. nukkye