Game name

TFT SET 5 reveal theme, heroes and modes


Teamfight Tactics Set 5

When to expect?

This Spring

Date: most likely we expect the release on 12 May lining up with patch 11.10 release date.

Which heroes will Set 5 TFT include?

"Most dramatic set"

Heroes Set 5 TFT will include based on RIOT games reveal: Darius (God-King skin), Garen (God-King skin), Volibear (The Thousand-Pierced Bearskin), Morgana (Coven skin), Viego (base skin), Teemo (Little Devil skin), Riven (Dawnbringer skin)

New TFT mode?

Turbo mode ("When you shorted on time - a bit simpler and much faster")

More championships?

Video link: