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Dear Users!

You haven't heard from us for a long, but all this time we have been working on

Rank One Club platform!

We are happy to announce a new stage in the development. Rank One Club made a transformation from a regular online shop to a marketplace where every good player can become a coach! Transformation allowed us not only to provide a large number of verified coaches with different level of experience, but a large variability of prices!

Your positive experience is our main goal! Therefore, we are constantly improving the performance of our platform, but due to the fact that the platform is at the BETA stage, bugs may arise that we will fix as quickly as possible! Report all bugs, errors to support window or email and we will fix it as soon as possible!

Also, in the near future we will add more games like Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and many more from Blizzard, Riot and other well-known studios. Suggest the game you would like to see on Rank One Club marketplace!

And keep in mind, boosting is bad and account get banned - coaching is good and endless result!


Rank One Club

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