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How to raise rank in CS GO - rank system of CS GO, from Silver to Global Elite


How to raise rating in CS GO
Any CS GO player is interested in how the rating system works. A new rank is periodically accrued, and sometimes it rolls back to the old one. Valve does not seek to reveal the secrets of getting a title. For this reason, the rank system has overgrown with all kinds of theories. In any case, everyone wants to have a high rank in the COP. This not only shows the rest of your high level of play. It is much more interesting to play in a team of strong players. This material will tell you how to rank in CS.

Players need to master all the skills, and shooting comes to the fore. It should be pretty trained, and do it not with bots, but with real people. The ability to shoot properly needs to be learned for each weapon. For the sake of this, it is worth playing the following game modes:
• Arms race;
• Fight to the death.
These modes allow you to feel the mechanics of all the weapons in the game. Understanding how the machine behaves when clamping and from the hip, it will be possible to greatly improve shooting skills.

Sight and sensation
For good shooting, you need not only to have practice on all types of weapons. Proper settings will help to raise the rank in CS. It is not necessary to use the same type of scope as professional xers. It is worth choosing the ideal parameters for yourself. The same goes for mouse speed. Most CS tips recommend that you have an increased sense, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, there is a risk of only harming yourself and creating more problems with aiming.

Priority weapon
Having accumulated total experience for each weapon, it is necessary to choose a preference for each of them. It is advisable to have your signature gun in each block. By narrowing the circle of acquired weapons, you can hone your shooting skills and feel confident in every game. This must be done, both for terrorists and for special forces. Of course, in the game there will be situations when you need to pick up weapons from the ground. Especially if it's better. However, having a comfortable purchase will help to raise the rank in CS. And when you need a drop, you will definitely know what to ask for teammates.

Raising the rank in CS will help the game on only one map. It is necessary for yourself to notice:
• Basic sprinkles;
• Name of positions;
• Possible lumbago;
• Timings;
• Other chips.
The sense of time intervals on a particular map will give a serious advantage over rivals. This especially works at low ranks. There will be an understanding of when it is worth opening yourself, and when it is more likely that the enemy will run. Playing on only one map will make it possible to get ranks. For some, this may seem boring, but it would be much more efficient to spend time studying one map, and not all at once.

Not very relevant at low ranks, but it still makes sense. Raising a rank in CS will not work if everyone in the team at the same time buys AWP, and you repeat the same thing. It is necessary to adhere to the main roles on the map and it is advisable to determine for yourself one of them. This is especially important when playing five by five. It is not necessary that several people are responsible for information and coordination or have many snipers in a team.

Line items
Regarding the positions, they change depending on whether you are attacking or defending. Successful play on both sides may affect the rating. For protection, you must select one of the bomb's bookmark points and play on it. Do not forget to warn the teammates about this. It is necessary to practice in keeping the enemy attack on the point. It will be useful to look at the guides, having noticed for yourself useful subtleties and chips, which will certainly help to raise the rank.

Economics is one of the most basic components in CS GO. Efficient use of money is such an important part of the game that ranking is impossible without it. To successfully complete the match, you should pay with your money and teammates. We will analyze the main elements of the economy that will contribute to improving the results in a competitive mode. Because those who have a low rank in the COP are procured extremely poorly.

The first rounds and force buy
It is worth starting with the fact that, having lost a pistol round, do not try to force the next one. With the current economy, you can easily make a good purchase in the third round, so do not get hung up on the first round. If during the game, sifting through the economy, you want to make a force, but it will not become a turning point in the match, then it is recommended to keep about two thousand with you.

It is always necessary to calculate your finances. In the case when the purchase of AWP will not be enough for body armor and grenades, then you can ask for a drop. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the money of the allies in advance, since it is only worth doing when you have little money, but teammates can allow it. Feel free to distribute the drop yourself. CS GO is a team game, which means it is worth helping a partner with a weapon, if there are enough funds. Drop will not only solve the economic problem of the ally, but also allow to establish friendly relations with him. We will talk about this important point later.

The tricks of the economic round
There is a trick for the economic round. Winning such rounds is extremely difficult, but you can use them as a source of weapons. It is necessary for the whole team to go to the rush one position. Having caught the enemy by surprise, you can get weapons. This works especially well at low levels of the game. There is a possibility that the opponent will simply be confused at the sight of five players and will not provide proper resistance. Even if he reacts in time, it will not be difficult to kill him with the whole team. The player who takes the weapon leaves to save it, and the rest can continue the search. Such tricks will not only help in the economy, but in the long run can quickly raise the rank.

Team gathering
As previously mentioned, many things are much more effective when playing as a team. Gathering your full-fledged team will help you to quickly rank in CS. The main thing is that partners have approximately the same ranks. Of course, no one forbids to assemble a motley team, but then the scatter will be greater and the system biased. The most optimal is to gather five people with one rating and a desire to increase the rank. Just with friends "for fun" is unlikely to succeed. Spending time in CS GO with fun is not in competitive mode, but more arcade.

Training from professionals
Watching how professionals perform certain actions, one can understand many things. How to behave in certain game situations and what to do in similar moments. It will never be amiss to watch a major tournament in a game or stream from one of the professional e-sportsmen. A fresh look can be the key to victory. It’s not necessary to repeat everything in a row, but it’ll work out a few useful features. Still, these people have much more experience in the game, but even they are constantly trying to improve their skill and understanding of the game.

Separately, it is worth noting the opportunity to take a special course. Rank One is teaching CS GO. These guys are ready to answer the question of how to raise rank in CS. For details, follow this link:

Some helpful CS tips
1. To raise a rank in CS, it is not necessary to always win. Not only winning games are counted, therefore it is necessary to show the maximum on each card, even if there is no chance of winning;
2. Do not enter competitive mode without the proper attitude. This will only spoil the statistics and may lead to a downgrade;
3. Be focused on the game. Only full focus, no music and other distractions.
4. Do not argue with the allies, just drown them. Sometimes CS GO comes across completely inadequate teammates who only add destructiveness to the game. It’s easier not to conflict with them, but to ignore;
5. Keep emotions to yourself and do not splash them on your team. This will not only not help to raise the rank, but will also have a negative impact on the game as a whole;
6. After death, give only important information to the chat. Empty chatter can only confuse the team and distract;
7. Do not shoot at teammates. No matter how annoying the partner is, you should not inflict damage on him. If he does it deliberately at his command, it is easiest to exclude him from the game by voting.
There are many theories and legends around what affects rank advancement. Different players put forward their versions of what needs to be done to get the cherished "global". Some consider it necessary to shoot a certain number of dead enemies. Others are convinced that headshots are taken into account. The right to life has an opinion about the need to be the best in the round. This is not officially confirmed, but everything may well be taken into account.