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How to raise MMR in Dota 2 - tips for quickly increasing your rating in Dota 2


How to raise MMP in Dota 2
The question of how to raise MMR in Dota 2 is relevant at all times, as long as the rating system will exist in the game. They are not going to clean it, on the contrary, they are constantly changing and improving it. This material will help players increase their rating in DotA. It doesn't matter what patch is in the yard. The main thing is to have a desire to play with good teammates and reel on the mustache with useful tips for quickly increasing your rating in DotA 2. Just by reading the material your hands will not cease to be claws, but this will provide a push in the right direction.

Game preparation
Before you start the rating selection of the game, you should prepare. First of all, it is important to remember that you should not play with a bad mood or well-being. All this will not only prevent you from showing your maximum, but can also lead to the opposite effect. It also makes sense to choose a little warm up before choosing a server for MMP solo in Dota 2. Custom or small games are suitable for splitting. Professional players are advised to play Overthrow or OSU for starters. Spending half an hour on such a thing can be very useful, since being in gaming conditions it will be easier to raise the MMR in Dota 2.
Position selection
Before you begin to raise your MMP solo, you need to decide on a position or several positions in which you feel most comfortable. There are five in DotA:

1. Kerry. This position is not just called the first. Contrary to the name, it’s not enough for a player on the light line to just stand in his position. The enemy four and the harder will interfere with him. It is necessary not only to be able to make the maximum of farm in a difficult situation, but also to competently move around the map. Knowing when it is necessary to beat creeps, and when you need to help allies, you can succeed in the game of Kerry. The main task is to gain critical mass in order to be able to finish the game. This role is slightly less popular than mid, as it takes some time for the farm. But in the late stage, it is kerry that reaches its peak of strength and is a suitable role for the apa MMR in Dota 2.

2. Meader. One of the most key roles. A player on the central corridor, who is face to face with an opponent. It is necessary to replay your opponent on a personal skill in order to get as much farm and level as possible, while depriving this enemy. The mid player’s skills include not only the ability to farm well, press buttons, control runes, but also move around the map. Often it is the middler that sets the pace of the whole game. Successful gangs and quick demolition of the opponent’s tower on the central corridor can be the basis of victory. Most boosters choose this role to raise MMP solo.

3. Harder. In the old days, this role was one of the most difficult, as it was necessary, being alone to confront three enemy heroes. Now the 2-by-2 lines are more popular, but this does not make it easier to play. Harder should make life difficult for the enemy carry, while farming his key artifacts. Often under this role they take heavy initiators who must begin key fights. At its peak, power goes after the mid, so the ability to move around the map can not only provide a good start, but also win the game.

4. Half-support. The four is one of the most creative roles. The player in this position can win two lines at once in the initial stage of the match. It is necessary not only to help the harder on the line, but also to competently navigate the map. Controlling the runes as much as possible, you can come to the aid of the mid and kill the opponent on the central corridor. Also, this support should periodically manage to farm in order to make key artifacts and be useful in the later stages of the game. Having a good start, it will be much easier to win, so in this role it is quite possible to raise the MMR in Dota 2.

5. Support. One of the most ungrateful roles. Even if the developers are trying to diversify the gameplay of this position. The player is required to help on the line of his carry in the initial stage of the game, and then engage in the arrangement and destruction of wards. In the fifth position, it is most difficult to raise the MMP solo, however, the created space at the beginning can become a serious foundation for the subsequent victory.

Hero selection
Having decided on which positions it is more convenient to play, you can proceed to the stage of choosing a hero. It is advisable to identify several characters for each of the roles before searching for the game. To raise the MMR in Dota 2, you need to master and constantly use several heroes who are now popular. However, to improve understanding of the game, it is worth playing not only on different characters, but also positions. Even the strongest character in this patch cannot simply bring victory. Constant practice and training is required. In addition, they prefer to ban the most dishonest characters before the stage of choosing heroes. Therefore, there is a risk of simply not getting your signature Huskar. Choosing a hero to raise MMR in Dota 2 is one of the most important points.

There is a misconception that good micro is only required from the first three positions. Even support can complicate the game by the inability to press buttons. Dota requires speed, therefore, on the role of support, it is important to manage to give out your abilities in a fight. Of course, support is less important than a Kerry or mid player, but it requires the ability to ward and move safely on the map. It is also useful to be able to play support when you need to accumulate quick search tokens. Having at least one support in the pool in this situation will be extremely useful.

As for meta, this will help third-party services. It will be useful to check dotabuff or its analogues to get acquainted with the statistics for each of the heroes. Playing on a character who has a high percentage of wins, the chances of raising the MMR in Dota 2 will be much greater. Do not miss matches of professional teams. Often, major tournaments become trendsetters for certain characters. Choosing a hero to raise the MMR in Dota 2 based on a match from a prestigious competition would be a good decision. The fact is that this is a strong character, and viewing the game from a professional is also available. This will be the next important point.

View Records
Viewing recordings of the game is considered one of the fundamental things not only in raising the MMR solo in Dota 2, but also in the analysis of professionals. For some reason, most of the players download replay only if they want to prove to the ally that he is wrong. However, reviewing your matches and spending a few hours on it can be even more useful than a pair of played “skating rinks”.
When viewing, it is worth paying attention first to the macro. For example, playing as a carry, you were attacked by several opponents at once. An ordinary person will begin to criticize support for the lack of wards on the map. And during the playback of the recording, you can see that four heroes were not visible on the map, so it was worth playing more carefully. Wait a while or move to another line. This experience will come in handy in the future.

It is clear that only viewing your game will not improve it. This will raise knowledge in macro, but it is necessary to develop micro-skill through trial and error. It is necessary to maintain balance and periodically review previous matches in between games. It’s worth observing not only your actions, but also the professionals.

View recordings / streams of professional players
In addition to watching your own games, it will be useful to look at the professionals in this matter. It’s worth watching broadcasts or replays not only as entertainment in the background, but also carefully studying the game nuances. By analyzing the actions of a pro player, it will be much easier to understand how to act in a particular situation. In this regard, streams are especially suitable, as you can often hear comments on actions. To raise the MMR in Dota, it is advisable to focus on the person who plays in your position.

The main points in raising MMP solo in Dota 2 are not only in the game aspects. It is worth considering the friendly atmosphere and positive communication with allies. Raising MMR in Dota 2 will not work if you behave rudely with teammates. Some players may intentionally begin to ruin because of offensive words. Communication plays a key role. Do not repeat for streamers that allow rude broadcasts. This is one of the main problems of the community, on which it is extremely difficult to raise a MMP solo.
When communicating should:
• Share thoughts on the choice of heroes;
• Provide useful information without too much;
• Do not raise your voice on teammates or quarrel with them.

To summarize, we can conclude that with an increase in MMR in Dota 2, many factors should be taken into account. It is necessary not only to try to improve your game through trial and error, but also to periodically engage in analysis and viewing of games.
Highlights in raising the MMP solo in Dota 2:
1. Determine the position;
2. Decide on the choice of a hero;
3. Choosing a server for MMP solo in Dota 2 with the least ping;
4. View recordings / broadcasts;
5. Communication