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What should we expect in 2.05 Valorant patch?


What should players expect in 2.05 Valorant patch?

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Valorant Patch 2.05


Riot is planning to make the knife hit detection system more accurate. In today's Valorant knife usage is limited to two situations - either psychological-driven kills on unaware opponents or a last resort when out of ammo—but it's rarely a decent (or reliable) choice to use in any other situation.


Shooting while running will become more difficult and bullets will have a higher spread. Especially the 2.05 patch will affect scoping.

Queue dodge

Some players may actually have real reasons to dodge the game so the system will target players who repeatedly queue dodge, and will have minimal impact on players who only queue dodge occasionally. The penalty for dodging the game in the 2.05 patch will end up in minus 3 (-3) rating points. However, MMR points will not be changed, so players can get back rating points quicker.

Valorant's statistic shows, that 50% of dodges done by 2% of players.

AFK (Away From Keyboard)

Loosing 1 person in a 5 vs 5 game is most likely will end to lose. Therefore, Riot has optimized the AFK tracking system to track AFK players and it will be more difficult for the players to abuse the system. If you are caught, it depends on whether you were previously involved in the AFK case or not and the penalties may be as follows:

  1. Warnings
  2. XP denial for the games in which you were AFK’d (see ya later, AFK farmers!)
  3. Small deductions from your ranked rating for pre-game dodges
  4. Deductions from your ranked rating for in-game AFKing (Patch 2.03)
  5. Increased queue restrictions
  6. Barred entry from ranked games
  7. VALORANT game bans (but only if you’re really, really persistent)


As we already know, Valorant devs have increased the punishment for intentionally leaving the game. In addition to removing rating points, players will be blocked from queuing the game for an unknown period and if players continue to do so the blockage time will increase. However, players who have left the game due to Internet disconnection will lose less rating or not lose rating at all. But if the player loses the connection systematically, then the penalty cannot be avoided states in Valorant 2.05 patch updates.


Along with all the above, we’re rolling out feedback to your reports. With this feature, players will be notified when their reports have been actioned on.

Release date

Unknown. Probably with the start of new season.