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Torghast layers 1-4

Torghast layers 1-4

Torghast layers are a substitute for Visions of N'Zoth in BFA 8.3. However, Blizzard did a work-through, took into account the wishes of the players, and made a Torghast with different features such as talents, levels, and without timer. Torghast is the only way to grind Soul Ash.

Before buying, please discuss with PRO:

  1. Account Sharing or Self-play
  2. Twisting Corridors or Normal wings
  3. Time and Availability


  • Soul Ash
  • Possible: Pet; Mount; Achievement; Title; Toy
  • Achievements
  • Skill and knowledge


  1. The account is ready to play
  2. Torghast Unlocked
  3. Torghast 1-4 layers unlocked
  4. Twisting Corridors unlocked (if required)
  5. Gear level (chat with a booster)
  6. Level 60 character


  • Discord for communication


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