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Fortnite - Duo with coach

Fortnite - Duo with coach

If you feel like you have reached your maximum potential and can't find a way to improve yourself, getting coaching is the best way to solve that problem. You can purchase as many hours as you need and we will provide you with one of our finest coaches.

Our team consists of players - League Champion.

Personalized one-to-one lessons with experienced Fortnite coaches who are friendly, patient and fully dedicated to you and improving your gameplay, which will have a serious positive impact on your game progress and overall gaming skills.

Stop wasting time on textbooks, manuals, videos, and other materials that won't teach you anything. Invest in individual Fortnite coaching with someone from our team and experience the true transformation into an elite Fortnite player. Your investment will pay off!

Breakdown: What You will Learn!

  • Optimal landing sites
  • Full map analysis
  • Weapon analysis and shooting accuracy
  • Building in and out of combat
  • Correct positioning
  • Secrets and chips of the game!
  • The opportunity to break into tournaments from Epic Games
  • And also all the intricacies of the game that interest you!

Additional option:

  • Invite your friend to play in threes!


  • The account is ready to play.
  • Discord for communication. Support will send you instructions for use.