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Dota 2 - Play with coach

Dota 2 - Play with coach

If you feel like you have reached your maximum potential and can't find a way to improve yourself, getting coaching is the best way to solve that problem. You can purchase as many hours as you need and we will provide you with one of our finest coaches.

"Dota 2 - Play with coach" perfectly fits a person who want to increase MMR. The coach will show by his own example how to act in various situation and beside that, the coach will annihilate enemy players!

Our team of coaches consists of the best Immortal players - 7000+

Breakdown: What You will Learn!

  • Drafts & counterpicks
  • Team fights
  • Iteams & talents
  • Communication & teamwork
  • Early laning phase
  • Micro & Macro strategy gaming
  • Objectives & Timings
  • Replay analysis


  • The account is ready to play.
  • Discord for communication (optional). Support will send you instructions for use.

Additional option:

  • Invite your friend to play in threes!