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WoW - Arena 3v3

WoW - Arena 3v3

If you feel like you have reached your maximum potential and can't find a way to improve yourself, getting coaching is the best way to solve that problem. You can purchase as many hours as you need and we will provide you with one of our finest coaches.

Our team consists of Gladiators and Rank 1 players.

You play with 2 professional coaches. Choose your role, our team of coaches will adapt to you.

3v3 is the only PvP mode in the game where players can find tournaments from Blizzard. Coaches will help you to learn how to choose meta talents, spec, set ups. An experienced coach will give you valuable advice, help you understand what other players expect from you. In the future, you will be able to dominate yourself, having experience and understanding what to expect from your partners and what they expect from you.

Breakdown: What You will Learn!

  • <strong>10 hours of coaching = 2200 Achievement (if you are a good student:)</strong>
  • Meta Set-up
  • Positioning and target selection
  • Specs, talents and stats
  • Macros and Addons
  • <strong>Domination in Durotar!</strong>


  • The account is ready to play.
  • Level 120 character
  • Discord for communication (optional). Support will send you instructions for use.