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How to get into eSports PUBG - tips from eSports professionals


ESports is the goal of every gamer. If earlier people were rather skeptical about this, today esports has become common and more familiar. They began to talk more about him, to learn and take them more seriously. Great prizes, worldwide fame, fame and many awards - all this awaits future champions. But gamers for 10 years, if not more, are tormented by all the same eternal questions:
• How to break into e-sports?
• How to become an esportsman at Pubg?
• How do they get into professional teams?
• Where to start your cybersportsman career?
We will help you find answers to all these questions. Our team analyzed a lot of resources, talked with professional players of various disciplines (from DotA and Pubg, to Starcraft and Fortnight), reviewed a lot of interviews and are ready to share information with you. Ready? Then let's go!

How to become an eSportsman?
The question is interesting, but the answer is quite simple. There are no miracles. It is a fact. Yes, there are many stories about how someone noticed someone in the ladder and invited him to the team, and they won all the tournaments and so on. But, several questions arise: how did he notice the player? Why did he invite him to the team? Many forget about these factors, but in vain.
If a professional player in any discipline meets another player (potentially you) in a match, it means that you play at the same level. That's cool.

If an e-sportsman decides to meet another player or invite him to the team, it means that he knows something and knows how, he can see the potential. And how to achieve all this? There is no one formula for success in getting into the professional Playerunknowns Battlegrounds.
Esports works on its own principles and mechanics, like every game. If we add the human factor there, then every person’s e-sports and their development in the game is a completely unique thing.
In order to achieve heights in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, you need training, no matter how trite it sounds. The question is how to approach them correctly and how much to train daily. Let's try to figure it out.

1. The format of the "royal battle" for e-sports was, in due time, new and unexpected. Therefore, the scheme and tactics of preparing for tournaments are very different from all other disciplines. Initially, it was impossible to isolate a specific complex, and each player or team developed their own system. It has been a long time since the launch of the game, so based on experience, interviews and a lot of tips about the players, we have compiled a small selection of practical tips for preparing for the competition.

2. The most important aspect is the basic skills of the game and an understanding of the principles of its work. To do this, you need to play and understand how events develop on the battlefield. Look at the behavior of the players: they rash, they camp, crawl and they hide in the grass.

3. Armament. Weapons and tools in the game - more than enough. Each shoots in its own way. Each type of gun needs its own body kit. Until you learn to shoot, you don’t understand the return with or without body kits, then there can be no talk of championship. This is all a macro game.

4. Analysis of the behavior of opponents at different stages of the match. This is very important, because for victory, you must be one step ahead, or even two. If you are just starting to play Pubg, then pay attention to the behavior of opponents: how they act at different stages: at the stage of landing, searching for the first loot, before the first narrowing of the ring, in the process, after the first narrowing, on the penultimate and last narrowings. Based on the data, you can understand that someone starts to run when counting to the narrowing, someone camps to the last and shoots the "runners", and someone runs behind the ring, sacrificing part of the hit points.

5. Try to find your playing style. Try each of the strategies and you will understand how the enemy acts.

6. Studying maps and landing sites. This is one of the most important aspects. Pubg does not play without a meticulous knowledge of all the details and details. The faster you learn the whole map, the better you will start each match. During the game, try different places for landing, see the quality of the drop at different positions. Naturally, you can listen to professional players and know in advance the ideal spawn and position, but from personal experience all this knowledge is learned much better. For example, playing as a team, not every place for loot is suitable, because any of your places may not have a lot of tools for the team. Here in Patchy, Yasnaya Polyana and Novorepny loot a lot. There you can safely land the four of us and disassemble everything that you see. FaZe team worked out their tactics: they quickly occupy houses in the east of Mult and start the game there. They have repeatedly become leaders in online championships.

7. Communication with the team. In the process of the game, learn to communicate and not hide in yourself. If you find a vicious place, then inform the allies and share, then the chances of winning will increase several times.

8. Follow tournaments and read analytics, reviews and game news on different portals. Pubg is a popular game and everyone writes about it. Even on Twitter you can find a bunch of useful information. For example: for high-quality movement on the map with a team, you need to find 4 cars. This is the perfect deal. This increases the chance of productive movement and winning. Analyze professional matches, review world-class tournaments: PUBG IEM Oakland Invitational and others.

9. Read all updates. This is very important and helps to capitalize, even from nerfs. The UAZ model, which was reduced, became worse, as a shelter, because it was removed 5th place, but because of the hood it became possible to fire. This is a trifle, but how much profit can be drawn from such a small change.

10. Work on a micro and macro game. The micro game is on your conscience. It all depends on your ability to shoot, use resources and equipment. Macro game - team. In a macro game, actions and their precise execution, strategy and captaining are important. The ability to assess the situation on the field, analyze the terrain and choose the right positions, arrange your teammates. All these factors must be considered when training. And working on them is very difficult.

Is it better to play alone or as a team?
This e-sports discipline implies several options: to train in a team, or solo. Each of the options is good in its own way and will bear fruit.
Playing alone, you increase your personal skill, while losing communication with teammates.
Initially, playing as a team, you gain a lot of teamplay skills, hone strategies, you can review matches and analyze your mistakes and learn from the mistakes of your team. Together, it will be easier to work out strategies and test new ones, come up with blanks.
The main and best opportunity to get into professional e-sports. Let's start from the very beginning, namely from tournaments for beginners who are just starting their careers. These are tournaments that are held on any platform:
• gg
• ru
• com

Each platform is unique in its own way, so before you start playing the tournament, you need to familiarize yourself with all the rules of a particular event.
• If you intend to play amateur tournaments, the first time, then read the rules set by the organizers.
• Check the exact time, so as not to be late for the event and not get a self-lock.
• Choose a format for yourself: team play or solo.
• Be guided by time, so that there is an opportunity to finish the pubg championship to the end.
All of the above sites hold various tournament options. It can be both open qualifications in the professional league, and city, regional championships.

Monitor regularly the information and schedule, but rather subscribe to updates and notifications of the events you are interested in. As for professional leagues, then
According to the official statements of the pubg corporation, they drew up a five-year development plan for their game in the e-sports arena. This does not mean that all tournaments will concern professionals, no. The corporation decided to create several leagues for all levels of players.
In 2019, professional leagues were created for the following regions: Europe, China, America, Korea. This will give more space for beginner players.
In 2020, even more countries in the world can acquire their own leagues, so do not be upset ahead of time. League for beginner players and various open qualifications for official tournaments from pubg corporation will be organized. The company followed the example of many e-sports disciplines, but to implement such a system, it took much less time. This means that the game will develop faster and make it easier to break into the scene.
How much doe

s it cost to become an eSportsman?
Despite the fact that the game was released a long time ago, and even as an e-sports discipline, it has already established itself, problems with optimization have not gone away. Low-power computers are not able to run the pubg without drawdowns and frame loss, therefore, for a comfortable game, and even more professional one will have to update the hardware.
For the "royal battle" is very important dynamics and lack of friezes, ags, loss of personnel during the match. Therefore, select the device wisely.
If the computer is not powerful, then you have to spend money on a new one. A good car with all the keys and mice, ears and a monitor will cost about 2 thousand dollars. Since the dollar is constantly growing, the figure is not small, but the company will last for 4 years. If you divide the costs by 4 years, then the amount per month is not that big, compared to other sports.
At first, you don’t need to take professional mice for $ 300 with backlights and a bunch of additional buttons. It does not need you. If buying a computer hits the budget, then ordinary mice and keyboards for playing Pubg are enough. It is better to invest powerful iron. If you do not learn how to play, then no mice and other devices will fix your hands. If you still want professional headsets for your computer, you can participate in the tournament