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How not to get a ban for boost DotA 2? - all the reasons for the ban for boost in DotA 2 and how to avoid it

How not to get a ban for boost DotA 2? - all the reasons for the ban for boost in DotA 2 and how to avoid it


Since the game developers introduced ranked matches in Dota 2, the community has changed a lot. The selection of games, which is based on the status of the player, allowed to compete with strong opponents. Many began to try to raise the rating in DotA 2 in order to not only start playing with strong opponents, but also boast large numbers in their profile. Still, a high MMR indicates a level of understanding of the game, as well as the ability to press buttons.
Patch number 7.07 redid the rating system. Now, pumping in Dota 2 is based on seasons that last six months. The beginning of each of them is determined by passing calibration, on the basis of which a medal is issued. The award corresponds to a certain rank, which depends on the rating and is displayed in the profile. In any case, the numbers of MMPs still remain, and the achievement of the last ranks is the dream of every doter. For this reason, many use Dota 2 boost and other tricks to raise the rating and even get into e-sports.
Rating Game Features
• Leveling up in DotA 2 ratings is possible only for those who played 100 hours in regular games. Prior to this, the competitive selection of matches is blocked;
• The following game modes are used for rating games: All Pick, Random Draft and Captains Mode;
• Players who receive a low priority game penalty cannot enter competitive matches. This restriction is valid until they play the required number of matches with low priority;
• To display the rating, you must play the calibration of ten games.
List of prohibited items from Valve

• Intentional boost of DotA 2 on the account;
• Buying / selling / exchanging accounts with forgotten MMP;
• Using third-party programs to gain an advantage in the game;
• Bypass games in low selection by conspiracy or the use of third-party programs.
Key tips
To avoid banning in Dota 2, you must adhere to the following tips. They are based on the experience of players with high MMR who themselves are engaged in boost accounts.

1. Play on different heroes. Of course, the use of one strong hero will help to raise the rating in DotA 2, but in order to avoid a ban, it is better to periodically try other characters;
2. Do not "rampage" in every game. A profile where in almost all games there will be information that the player is doing a ramp, will cause suspicion among the community and Valve employees;
3. Games should not end in 15-20 minutes. To avoid banning in Dota 2, it is better not to finish the matches in a matter of minutes, even if you use the strategy of quick demolition of buildings;
4. A streak of victories in 20 or more matches may have a negative effect;
5. Do not tell anyone that you are carrying out a Dot 2 boost. This can be perceived negatively and many complaints can be sent to your account. And not only from the enemy team. A large number of reports are unlikely to help avoid banning Dota 2.
It is also worth understanding that in the current system, pumping in Dota 2 is arranged in an interesting way. For a large number of wins in a row, they give more MMR so that boosters find themselves in their ranking faster. However, a series of defeats, after that, will not only drop the player to the previous level, but also confirm that someone else has played from the account before.
Dota 2 Training
The boosting issue is one of the reasons the community doesn't really like to play ranked games. This is harmful to ordinary users. Since on the low MMR, stronger doters are often abused, but on the high, weaker players appear. In addition, this service requires cash costs.

In this regard, it is best to learn to play well in order to independently achieve good results and get into e-sports. You can get much more pleasure from the gameplay by gaining new experience and studying the gameplay details yourself. In addition, avoiding a ban in Dota 2 will be easiest if you do not use boost. And to make it easier to raise the MMR yourself, RankOne has developed its own training methodology. Training Dota 2 from our service is not a boost purchase, but it will teach you how to play well.